Thursday, December 26, 2013

D For Dopidi : Movie Review

Cast : Sandeep Kishan,Varun Sandesh,Melanie Kannokada,Naveen,Rakesh

Music : Sachin Jigar,Mahesh Shankar

Director : Siraj Kalla

Producers : Raj,DK,Nani,Dil Raju

Banner : D2R Films,SVC Cinemas

Release Date : 25th November 2013.

Behind D For Dopidi :

‘D For Dopidi’  got into the fame with the first look itself beacause of famous Bollywood directors and Producers ‘Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK’ producing this little ‘Multistarrer’.Adding to it hero ‘Nani’ bought some of the rights of the film and became a producer. ‘Dil’ Raju released the film through SVC Cinemas.All these raised the expectations on this small Film.

Story :  Four friends Raju,Vicky,Harish,Bannu (Varun,Sundeep,Naveen,Rakesh respectively) tired of facing the problems in their life decide to rob a local bank.Did they rob the bank? What happened in the bank? Watch it on Silver screens..!!!

Performances : Sandeep Kishan,Varun Sandesh and the other 2 friends Naveen and Rakesh did theier best.Rakesh needs a special mention.The punches of rakesh are delivered well.Heroine Melanie Kannokada doesn’t have much role to play.She is good in the promotional song.Tanekella Bharani has got a good comic role. Director Deva Katta as ACP looks dynamic and suits the role.

Technical Performances :  Director Siraj Kalla has got a different crime comedy script in his hands but sadly he didn’t make use of it perfectly.The film looked like a Short film rather than a feature film.Lack of experience is evident.Screenplay is gripping in the first half but it is not upto mark later in the movie.There are no songs in the movie except for 2 promotional songs which were nice. BGM is good.Cinematography could have been better.Voice over by Nani is good.

Positives :

First Half – Comedy scenes

Lead roles performances

Short Run Time.

Negatives :

Second Half – Could Have been much better


Logic Less Scenes

Verdict :  On a whole D For Dopidi is neither a totally good nor totally bad film. It is just an another timepass flick with a short run time.Love watching short films/short run time movies ? then have a go for D For Dopidi..!!!

Rating :  3.15/5


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