Friday, December 20, 2013

Dhoom 3 Movie Review

Cast of Dhoom 3 : Aamir Khan.Abhishek Bachan,Uday Chopra,Katrina Kaif

Dhoom 3 Director : Vijay Krishna Acharya

Dhoom 3 Music by  : Pritam

Dhoom 3 Producer : Aditya Chopra

Dhoom 3 Banner : Yash Raj Films

Story of Dhoom 3 : The owner of Great Indian Circus in Chicago Iqbal (Jackie Shroff) took a temporary loan from the Western Chicago Bank and found a magic trick wooing the bankers but fails to bait. In an event, Iqbal kills himself due to his inability to rescue his circus.

After so many years, Chicago bank robbed again & again and the thief left the Joker’s mask every time. Iqbal’s son Sahir (Aamir Khan) then starts the circus again. Alia (Katrina) comes as a female lead in the circus.Then comes the Bombay Police, which found the links of Sahir with a crime. Jai (Abhishek Bacchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra), the previous Dhoom team take their positions to get him in Chicago where Sahir’s motto is only revenge by destroying the bank for real.

Performances :

Aamir Khan termed as ‘Mr.Perfectionist’  gave his 100 % that is needed.There is not even a single frame in the movie to point out Aamir in a Negative way.Abhishek Bachchan as a Cop which is the key role of the movie did his best.Katrina Kaif is limited to Songs and few scenes.Uday Chopra has got nothing to do in the movie except for a few scenes like Bike Chasing and helping Abhishek.

Techinical Performances :

Vijay Krishna Acharya has comeup with a different story line unlike the previous Dhoom series.The story has been perfectly implemented on the screen.Graphics are good.Run Time of the movie is more (approx. 172 min) but the director has managed to kepe the audience engaged to the movie.Music by Pritam is mediacre.’Malang’ song has been picturised well.Stunts doesn’t appeal to be convincing at the start but later they were good.

Analysis :

First Half of the movie was good.Movie picks up pace with the Interval bang.Later on it’s all Aamir Khan’s show.Pre-Climax and Climax are very well built.Dont’ expect extraordinary bike stunts and Robbing techniques in this part as like Dhoom 1 and 2.Dhoom 3 has nothing to do with the previous parts except for the story theme and Jai,Ali characters.

Positives of Dhoom 3 Movie:

Aamir Khan



Emotional Content

Negatives of Dhoom 3 Movie: :

Music should have been better.

Stunts should have been  in a more concincing way.
Lack of proper chemistry between Male Lead and Female lead.

Verdict :

Unlike other Dhoom Series movies ‘DHOOM 3’  has something in it to watch it on screens.It’s all about Aamir Khan and his wonderful Performance.

Dhoom 3 definetly need a watch in theatres only for one reason – ‘AAMIR KHAN’.

Box-Office : With a huge release under it’s belt and a Super Hit mouth talk and Reviews Dhoom 3 is gonna set a new benchmark in Indian Film History. The movie is expected to collect 25 cr on the first day of release itself.So, Aamir khan is all set break the records of ‘Chennai Express’ soon..!!

Rating : 3.6/5


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