Sunday, December 1, 2013

Junior NTR in slow and steady mode..??

NTR is currently focusing all his energies on his film with Santosh Srinivas,since he has decided to do one film at a time.Contrary to earlier talks of the shoot being disrupted, a close source to the star confirms that filming is going on at a brisk pace.

"Junior NTR wants to complete the film by April 2014 so he has committed to bulk dates", says the source.

The star was recently approached by a couple approached by a couple of producers for other projects, but he is yet to decide on anything.

'There are many projects lined up, but NTR will announce his next project only when this film reaches its final stage',source added.

Apparently, after the actor analysed his previous two films, the actor didn't wish to "repeat himself" again. He has also given the director a free hand to come up with more ideas.

source:Hello Andhra