Friday, December 6, 2013

Google has finally updated the Page Rank!

Matt Cutts explained that we should not expect to see the famous indicator dropped since last February, updated until 2014. And yet, it just happened ...

There is one month, the head of the fight against spam Google, Matt Cutts explained that he was "surprised" if the PageRank had to be updated before 2014. The public indicator of the popularity of a Web page, or more precisely the quality of links pointing to it, had not been updated since February 2013. In full war against abuse netlinking , Google seemed then abandon this indicator , shown by his famous Google Toolbar and echoed by many plugins.

But today, little bit of theater, PageRank indicator has been updated. No word yet from Google or Matt Cutts, but the reactions of SEOs on Twitter are, they are very numerous. This is the same "excitement", remarked Sylvain Richard, one of them.

Many SEOs to have indeed rushed to check if their pages had gained PageRank, that is to say, the popularity and importance in the eyes of Google . Although this official state flag is known to be different, and delay compared to "real" PageRank updated more often, he still enjoys some popularity among SEOs , and is regularly cited an argument to judge quality inbound links, depending on whether they come or not, a page with a high PageRank.


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